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Highlights for the phones mentioned on this site:


Nokia 8210 - Voice dialing with the Nokia 8210 means less hassle. And with SMS in Chinese text youíll get the right message across when needed. When mere words donít say enough, Picture Messages let you say even more. Bright color covers let you make a personal statement too.

Nokia 7650 - Say more and share more with pictures taken on the Nokia 7650, your MMS phone with a digital camera. Combine pictures, text and sound clips to make one multimedia message! Personalize your phone with pictures as wallpaper - easily viewed on the color screen.

Nokia 7600 - The Nokia 7600 phone oozes charm inside out. Its curves sheath a stunning array of features to give communication a unique edge. Explore new mobile worlds with Third Generation (3G) technology on WCDMA network. Capture vivid moments with the integrated camera & video recorder and enjoy it on a large 65,536 colors TFT display, or simply tune to your favorite music with the built-in MP3/AAC music player.

Nokia 7250i - The tri-band Nokia 7250i not only catches your attention, it captures your imagination. An integrated camera with night mode encased in a stylish metallic exterior lets you picture the world from eye to eye. Simply point and shoot. Personalise your Phonebook with the images of your contacts. Its xHTML browser delivers a richer Internet experience while a keymat button gives you quick access to wireless Internet surfing. Itís the perfect accessory to complement your fashionable lifestyle.

Nokia 7250 - When words fail you, why not communicate from eye to eye? The Nokia 7250 merges unconventional design with advanced features, so you can unleash your imagination. The Integrated Camera allows you to capture, store and share pictures. Plus, the full color display spices up your pictures, games, wallpaper and WAP browsing. The stylish Nokia 7250 is the ideal complement for your creative impulses.

Nokia 7210 - You have the latest fun, entertainment and news wherever you are with the FM radio on the Nokia 7210. Funky Polyphonic Ringing Tones brighten up your day when someone calls. And with MMS, your messages will mean so much more to friends. Even with your hands full, the hands-free speaker means youíre in touch.

Nokia 7110 - The Nokia 7110 phone is possibly the first true media phone - with WAP youíll know the latest news, stock quotes, sports results and more. The Roller Menu gives quick access to predefined menu shortcuts. Predictive text lets you say more with less effort.

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